Renji Jianguo Hotel


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Address:No. 800 Renji Zhuangyuan, Beizhai Village, Beijing, 101415, China
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Beijing Renji Jianguo Hotel is located in Renji manor, Beizhai village, Huairou District, adjacent to the famous Kuangou ecological plate, huaiyong Hongluo temple, Mutianyu and other scenic spots, covering an area of nearly 6000 mu. It is a luxury resort integrating 18 hole international standard Hill Golf Course, double deck driving range, southern European style high-end club, Jianguo Hotel, Golf Resort Apartment and nearly 2000 mu forest park. In Renji Golf manor, guests can experience a variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, mountaineering, boating, tennis, basketball and camping, so that guests can feel the real sense of vacation. The green barrier with mountains and mountains, the gathering of noble spirit with gurgling green water and the supreme Feng Shui perfectly deduce the "5 + 2" life concept of "realizing life value in the city in five days and leisure and health preservation in the countryside in two days", which was first advocated by Renji.
The hotel has all kinds of guest rooms, including double rooms, golf single rooms and luxury suites. The rooms are warm and comfortable. The hotel has Chinese and Western restaurants, providing delicious food from all over the world. The hotel has a multi-functional hall and conference rooms of different sizes. With complete conference facilities, it is an ideal choice for holding meetings and banquets.